Program Note


Drive is a musical depiction of a drive down Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa, Florida. All of the different elements of this unique piece are nods to the different aspects of this beautiful location. The idea for this piece came from my time spent in Tampa, Florida while pursuing my Undergraduate Degree. In Tampa, “Bayshore Boulevard” (more commonly known as “Bayshore”) is a scenic road seated right beside the bay. Looking out at parts of downtown and the bright blue water, Bayshore is home to runners, cyclists, those out looking for a beautiful view and…the drivers. Each time of day brings about a different collection of motorists. During rush-hour Bayshore is home to sections of bumper to bumper traffic, as well as sections of drivers zooming by one anther in order to make it home in time for dinner at their eloquent Hyde Park Homes. But by night, Bayshore is a completely different world. Many Tampa residents (more specifically, younger residents) seek solitude on Bayshore Boulevard. As one of the younger Tampa residents for a brief period of time, many of my nights were spent driving up and down Bayshore. Some of those nights were spent with close friends laughing about the craziness of school and some were spent alone pondering the metaphorical “road ahead” in my life. Driving down Bayshore in the middle of the night is where I made most of the major decisions in my life, so I felt that it was only fitting to write a piece about this beautiful place in a city that holds such a huge place my heart. 

Drive-Recording Video

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